her castle in the clouds

today turned out better than expected.

  • the rat smell is almost gone from the orchestra hallway
  • the anatomy packet that i lost used to be due today but i guess our teacher had a change of heart and postponed it to monday
  • cello cello cello cello cello cello cello cello cello is fun and stuff
  • my math teacher gave us extra days to study after finishing a majority of the test so i am much better prepared now
  • bible lit final was highly enjoyable actually woah how could this be and there was this guy who happened to be there that used to be our teacher’s student so he joined in on our conversation also i had many things to say
  • concert was fun i kind of screwed up but people said it was good so that is fine and also the two other soloists were really really great and then the quartet vivalidi people were great great
  • bittersweet goodbye and i now have a rose and two daisy flower things yay geology rocks are fun
  • tired now i should paint but sleep is more important tomorrow i have an art show you guys should come and yeah

June 10th — and with 3 notes

  1. malegazegraves said: It is almost gone! I didnt even have to hold my breath going through it today, haha…
  2. cloud-watcher said: mark! also you were so, so great so be quiet <3
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